Many talented prospective student-athletes go unnoticed because they simply do not know or understand the process of collegiate recruiting.  Also, many students that would love to play a sport in college (regardless of the Division) give up because they are overwhelmed by the process.  I come from a family of college athletes (uncles, sisters, cousins) so was fortunate to have first-hand knowledge of the recruiting process.  I was the East Coast Conference Champion (1st Singles) in tennis at Lafayette College.  Athletics was a vital piece of my college experience so I can easily relate to student-athletes.

The Recruitment Package is designed to assist families in building individual plans for athletic recruitment.  Our mission is to give all student-athletes the opportunity to find the Best-Fit college.  Admission Tactics offers the following services through this plan:

  • Collaborate with families in developing a detailed action plan
  • Develop a detailed athletic profile and individualized contact list
  • Implement specific target schools and detailed timelines
  • Review of NCAA Rules and the NCAA Clearinghouse Procedure
  • Review camps, clubs, showcases, tournaments, combines and/or junior teams
  • Evaluations of college coaches and their individual athletic programs
  • Athletic college visit planning (official/unofficial visits)
  • Assistance with Recruiting Video
  • Develop effective communication skills with college coaches
  • Athletic scholarships and financial aid guidance
  • Evaluation of offers

Hourly rate of $150 (minimum of 3 hours)